5th Wheel – The Ultimate Holiday Home

The likelihood is you’ve stayed in a caravan or two in your time if you live in the UK. Static caravans and touring caravans have become ever more popular means of holidaying over recent years and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon. Many invest in caravans of their own so that they can escape easily and more cost effectively whenever they want. Around 50 million nights are spent in caravans each year and rising as popularity of the UK staycation continues. 

One caravan type that you may not have tried out is the 5th Wheel caravan, the ultimate holiday home. I mean, it really is something else when it comes to caravanning and if you haven’t experienced a break away in one yet, now’s a better time than any for so many reasons!


If you’ve never even seen a 5th Wheel, check out some of the photos below. They’re impressive beasts on the outside and have often elegant and modern living quarters on the inside. You’ll find all your home comforts and facilities, sometimes nicer than the ones in your own home. Double beds, walk in showers, high spec kitchens with enough space for an island, even recliner massage chairs in the living space for added comfort. 


These caravans aren’t cramped little spaces where you’ll all be climbing over one another, they’re often described as ‘apartments on wheels’ and for good reason, there is about as much space as one. Expanding sections at the sides of the unit slide out at the push of a button when you’ve pitched up and levelled out (also a push of a button), creating space in the main living area. Depending on the layout of your 5th Wheel, often a few stairs separate the main living from the bathroom and bedrooms and these are all able to fit everything you could possibly want in your home away from home. 

So Much Storage

If you’ve ever owned a touring caravan, you’ll know that you’re limited on storage space, even if you’ve got one of the larger models. Well, with a 5th Wheel you’ll find storage spaces all over the place, inside and out. So they’re perfect for those that need to bring extras like surfboards and activity equipment to make their holidays  As you can see from our examples below you won’t be falling over your stuff in the living room, that’s a given.

915 storage
storage underneath

Built to your specifications

5th Wheels are usually built to your preferable spec, Eurocruiser models certainly are, so you get a say in how your 5th Wheel is put together and where things go in order to make your life easier whilst you’re on your holidays.


You’ll always be able to get around

5th Wheels, just like tourers, need a tow vehicle, meaning you’ll always have a separate vehicle to get out and about in once you’ve pitched up at your chosen spot. If you already have a flat bed truck with the correct connections, then great but if not you’ll need to make a further investment in one suitable for towing 5th Wheel caravans. So if you’re currently deciding on whether to buy a motorhome or a caravan, take this point into consideration.

5th Wheels can be bought anywhere from £10,000 to £100,000 plus, depending on whether you’re buying new or used and remember, you’ll need a tow vehicle with the correct hitch point attached to be able to take it anywhere so it’s not exactly the cheapest option for caravanning. But if it’s luxury you’re after, a 5th Wheel is definitely your ultimate option and you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!