Making Friends in the 5th Wheel Community


Owning a 5th wheel can make you the envy of the campsite and making friends with other 5th wheel owners can open a whole host of doors for you from making new friends to exchanging tips and tricks in the niche 5th wheel community. 

Making Friends

Clubs and forums are a great place to meet with other friendly like minded people who you can exchange experiences with, whether that be what make and model you own or to simply compare your buying journey and to get trip ideas. Many of these clubs and forum hold regular meets and rallies at locations across the UK where you can meet your new friend in person. You can get as involved as you like, you do not have to be a social butterfly and attend all the meet up events, just contributing to online posts from other members may be more your thing. Offering advice to other owners is free and you never know you might just learn something new yourself ..

Tips and Tricks

As with most hobbies there are always ways to learn new tips and tricks and exchanging these with people who are also enthusiasts is the best way to better your know how. Some forums are a gold mine for looking for new places to visit, getting first hand reviews from other members that have experienced locations before to tricks on making the most of your storage solutions and extra creature comfort additions.

Technical Info

Being a member of a club can also be a good resource for technical information you may need. 5th wheels are pretty unique, however some of the other members of the club may have the same unit as you or be specialists in certain common technical areas. Calling on other members for advice or their experiences may help you if you are looking to upgrade your 5th wheel to a new model or if you are looking into changing your tow vehicle. Other owner members’ opinions and advice can help you make your final decision. In some cases professional advice may need to be sought and they’ll know just where to find it.

Community Spirit

Many owners of 5th wheels are extremely sociable and are keen to meet with other like minded people who have a similar interest. This is reflected in regular club get to gethers are organised usually by the head of the club either the chairman or a committee of organisers. These events are designed with their members in mind are are usually held over the summer months in locations that are easily accessible, some are held at the regional caravan and motorhome shows organised by warners events, most have good open space to socialise over a BBQ and maybe a glass of something cold, the sharing of experiences is often the topic of conversation. Check with your club for a list of upcoming events.

Online Communities

While you could search online we have a small list of the top groups you should consider joining 

STT Friends

Uk 5th wheel owners group

Fifth Wheel Owners Club

5th Wheel Club