Staycations are in!

New research conducted in August 2020 by Research Without Barriers and commissioned by The Cumberland reveals that 83% of British holidaymakers preferred to stay in the UK this year. And with uncertainty around COVID restrictions that’s set to continue into 2021 and beyond, making the coming years extremely important for the UK hospitality industry. 

73% of people that took the survey (1051 responders) said that they would be looking to holiday in the UK in 2021 citing good views (57%), outdoor space (53%) and being close to the beach (50%) as the most important features of their holiday. All of which you can find within a couple of hours drive no matter where you are in the UK – Great!

Benefits Of Staying In The UK

The great things about deciding to staycation means you don’t need to worry about some of the usual ‘horrible bits’ about travelling abroad. There’ll be no airport queues to deal with so you won’t need to be huddled together with a bunch of people you have no idea where they’ve been. No quarantine, means you can get straight back to work when you get home – you won’t be losing out on pay just because you’ve decided to take your family on a much needed break. No uncomfortable flights, just a shortish car or train journey to arrive at your chosen destination.

Another major benefit is that most people will have familiarised themselves with the COVID rules in their own country. If you decide that you’re going to chance an out of country trip, you’ll need to learn their rules and the consequences if you break them by accident.

Great UK Holiday Destinations

Although this survey showed that the most popular holiday destinations in the UK according to its responders are Scotland and Cornwall, there are so many hidden gems around the nation that are well worth a visit anytime of the year. Here are just a few of our favourites:


image by Ron Porter on Pixabay

Lincolnshire has a bit of everything; rolling countryside, historic towns and villages and some spectacular beaches to enjoy.


image by Roman Grac on Pixabay

Devon and the rest of The West Country is known to boast some of the best beaches (and weather!) in the UK. With heaps of hidden gems around the coast in this region you’ll find yourself wanting to explore.


Photo by Andrew Banner on Unsplash

The county of Norfolk yields a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you want peace and quiet, a bit of nightlife, activities and events, it’s all there waiting for you!

Book Early

If these figures reflect the general UK population then we’d imagine you’ll need to start booking your 2021 holiday as soon as you can so you can avoid disappointment of low availability on your favourite holiday spots and holiday parks. Get in there quick.

Time To Invest In Your Own Holiday Accommodation?

With the travel situation the way it is currently and no sign of when restrictions will disappear, could this be the right time for you to invest in a holiday home of your own? Perhaps, but you’ll need to figure out the best type of accommodation for you and your family. 

Holiday cottage

image by Steve Buissinne on Pixabay

Holiday cottages are great if you like a bit of privacy when you’re on holiday, your own garden and perhaps a hot tub that you can enjoy away from others. However, you may need to take out another mortgage to own one so this is something to take into consideration. If you’d consider subletting then this could make it viable for you.

Static caravans

Owning a static caravan can be a great way to meet new people and become part of a community that you’ll get to see regularly when you visit your holiday home. There are often amazing facilities and activities that you’ll have access to as an owner at a holiday park but again, you will be going to the same place each time you want to go away. Statics also come with the added cost of pitch fees which can be extremely expensive depending on the park and the pitch you want to be placed on. Again, subletting to other families could help you cover these costs but you’ll need to think about key exchange, cleaners and breakages if you are serious about this.

Touring caravans & Fifth Wheels

Touring caravans and 5th Wheels are perfect for those that like to travel to different locations, parks and even on the ferry if you want to venture further than UK shores. You’ll have lots of freedom each time you want to escape. You’ll need a suitable tow vehicle and the right driving licence, especially if you opt for a heavier model but these are one off costs that can get you on your way. 


Motorhomes are ideal for those that want to travel multiple locations in one trip simply because you don’t need to pack everything away each time you want to drive off. However, if you want to explore an area once you’ve pitched up at your chosen site, you’ll either need to do it by bicycle (that you’ve taken along with you) or have towed an extra vehicle along with you, perhaps a little smart car. Otherwise, everytime you want to go shopping for supplies or to a place of interest, the whole motorhome needs to come along with you.

No matter what you choose to do, whether to rent accommodation or buy your own, which may save you in the long run it seems staycations are here to stay for the foreseeable future.